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FINIS releases Instinct Sculling Paddle

Simon Griffiths | H2Open Editor | Tuesday 18 February 2014

Whether you love them or hate them, sculling drills are a useful exercise to improve your feel of the water and the ‘catch’ phase at the beginning of each stroke. Many coaches recommend doing frequent sculling drills and most swimmers probably don’t do enough.

But even if you do sculling drills, without the correct technique and focus you won’t get the benefits you should. Technical swim products company FINIS has come up with a new hand paddle to help.

The new Instinct Paddle is modelled on the popular strapless Agility Paddle and is designed to help “teach swimmers the correct palm-positive hand position while sculling”. Like the Agility Paddle, the Instinct Paddle does without straps or loops to hold in place and instead relies on good technique and water pressure.

“The Instinct Paddles’ convex design also promotes an early catch during the sculling motion and reminds the swimmer to maintain an early vertical forearm position,” says FINIS.

It comes in two sizes: medium and large.